What I wish the church had taught me about being single

1) It’s totally normal to be single.

2) It might not be a season of life.  It might last my entire life.

3) It’s totally normal if I am single my whole life.

4) What to do with my desires as I “wait”…and wait and wait.

5) I have importance and worth in the Church/church as a single woman.

6) Marriage and motherhood are options/possibilities, not necessarily promises.

7) It’s okay to long for a husband.

8) Myths….and the damage they do.  Contentment, perfect yourself…etc.

9) It’s okay to be totally content in being single…but how do I do this?

10) I don’t have to live my life waiting for someone to come along so that I can start living.

11) Becoming “unsingle” is not going to make my life more important.

12) Becoming “unsingle” is not going to mean that suddenly my life will be ok.

13) Being single doesn’t mean something is wrong with me.

14) Marriage isn’t a gold-star for good behaviour. Emily Maynard eloquently fights against in this amazing and eye-opening article:  http://www.prodigalmagazine.com/why-arent-you-married-yet/

Now that I write these out, I think that I *might* attempt to do a post on each one of these things.  After all, who better to talk about singleness than a girl who has been single for 25 years?!

I recently wrote this comment on an article…

“I wish that singleness had been talked about as a viable option in the kingdom (besides Paul and Jesus) and how being single is not just a transition period into something that is actually important: marriage and motherhood. Singleness could actually be the stage on which my life is played…I don’t want to miss the first acts just because I’m thinking that some other character (husband) has to enter first before I do anything of importance.”

Here we go!!


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