Miracles: the precious life edition

There’s an amazing blog I read that is just AWESOME.  Here’s a link to the latest post if you want to see a mega-miracle unfolding.  Warning: there is a picture of a starving child, BUT it’s worth it.  Oh, Praise the Lord!!!!


Isn’t that awesome!! God is still a God of miracles. 

I have also seen God work in mysterious and wonderful ways…here are just two of them.

1) A few years ago, my cousin K was having trouble concentrating in high school.  Her attention span was nil, she was exhausted all the time, and she often felt violently ill.  She wondered if it was the whiteboard markers, the fluorescent lights, the new school…whatever.  And then her parents took her to the doctor.  They did testing on her and found out that she had a hole in her heart.  She was booked for an appointment at the women and children’s hospital in the area and depending on the results, she could be put on a list for a heart transplant.   

Weeks went by and I was sitting in church.  I am tenderhearted and when things build up in me, I can let loose and bawl.  I am known as the crier in my family and from how much my family cries, I’d only have to let one good tear drop for me to be known by that name.  Anyway…I was in church and the pastor’s wife asked if anyone needed healing to stand up.  She said that even if someone was going to stand in the name of someone else to ask for healing they could do that.  My mom had been (still is) sick (it’s going on 7 years now) and I was praying for her and my cousin K.  I was trembling, feeling called to stand and yet I could not.  

I sat there shaking until the tears came.  I just started weeping and bawling.  My family was mortified, but I couldn’t contain myself.  And I felt like I was releasing tears of anguish for K, but also like a pressure valve had been released and I was no longer worried about her.  I guess now that I know that the Spirit of God moved me to tears to weep on her behalf.  It says in the Bible that when we have to words, we are to groan and the Holy Spirit will make sense of our prayers before God.  I think that’s what I did that day.

Not long after that, my aunt called my mom to tell her something.  K had gone to the doctor and they did an ultrasound of her heart and found NOTHING wrong.  No hole, no imperfection.  My cousin did the happy dance…and I nodded saying, “I knew it.” 

2) My friend P from church recently went to a women’s health clinic where they found a lump in her breast the size of a golf ball.  She was scheduled for an appointment nine hours away in the big city for five days later.  It was an emergency.  

We met to pray on Wednesday and we prayed through verses of the Bible.  It was amazingly powerful to read of God’s faithfulness and proclaim it over her.  I knew KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that P was healed.  

Friday she went down for her appointment and the doctor found NOTHING wrong.  Just fatty tissue which had always been there.  How amazing is our God!!!  

There were of course naysayers who thought that the lump had never been there in the first place, who said, “How awesome that the lump was never there” or doubted that there had been anything to worry about in the first place, but the lump was real!!  And God HEALED HER!!!!  It was so amazing.

God is good (all the time) and all the time (God is good).  But it’s so much easier to sing hymns of praise when life is carefree and easy and when things go your way.  It’s harder to sing empty…like the bow of a violin on the strings sings in the emptiness of the hollow made to resonate the sound and make it breathe and grow in emptiness.  But…we are no violins.  And what about when God doesn’t answer your prayer for a miracle???  Next post!


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